Final Daze

Okay, the book is done and went off to the publisher yesterday. As for me, I got up at 3:30am and final details took a whole lot of work. I mailed it off from Bear Lake substation where Debbie (a neighbor) was exited to get to mail it off. Another Fawnskin fan walked in and we had an exciting banter…errr, maybe they did. I pretty much just babbled from the exhaustion.

Anyway, my honey took me to lunch, made me nap, forced me to watch a movie and sit in an extremely hot Jacuzzi. I also had a gigantic meal and slept hard for once. At any rate, my author pal in the desert told me to drive down and I believe I am going to if I can get a rental.

The NSIA potluck was lightly attended but very worthwhile. Greg Rice the superintendent for Code Enforcement detailed how his office best works for locals. To get the ball rolling call (800) 722-3181. Many of you probably have meet Doug, the local officer.

NSIA membership is at 100!

A collection was taken for one of our residents in a bad way. Cancer and related challenges have depleted her resources but not her spirit. For more info contact Gene.

Concern over respond times of our local sheriff came up. If you have good experiences or any concerns mention them to Rick when you see him. Reports of gunshots and intruder concerns were discussed briefly.

In other news…the new coffee house is scheduled to open by May 1, 2006. Jim is working hard on the property. I took a gander not too long ago…more on that later.

The street light issue is ongoing. Of the thirty-something about 15 have been left one. Funds from the fire department and sanitation budgets were covering the excess expense. Plan on attending the District 53b meeting for the scoop.

The David Gonzales Memorial is again scheduled to take place on May 20th. Many of you know that he disappeared on 7/31/04 and one of the “most intense searches in the history of southern California” was staged out of our little town.

Personally I don’t think a memorial in a good thing to have in the middle of town. Not exactly a good tourist attraction. However, the Women’s Christian group is still working on it and has been in contact with NSIA. What I found interesting is that they HAVE NOT been in contact with the family.

Honorary Mayor Emily Parker reported that the MS Walk efforts are ongoing and they have raised over $7, 000 so far. The walk is April 22, 2006.

Funds raised at the Mayor’s Spaghetti Feed exceeded $1600 and are targeted for the Fawnskin Festival.

For those of your early birds, a sunrise service is scheduled at Captain John’s Fawn Harbor for 5:30am 4/16/06. Another service will be at 7:30am with an egg hunt at 2:00pm.

Doris is counting down to April 30th. The non-alcoholic celebration/BBB/ potluck will be held at Fire Station 49 from 10am-4pm on May 6th. Come down to say good-bye to Doris and hello to Muti, the new owner.

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