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Okay, I finally THOUGHT I finished the book and rushed to the Post Office where fellow Fawnskin residents rejoiced (okay, okay…maybe not rejoiced, but they sure were supportive) over the fact that they were there to witness the mailing. Never mind that I was in a stupor the rest of the day and the next…my man was pretty darn sweet…did I mention he was smart?

GG’s darkside comes out in several situations:
a) lack of sleep
b) too much caffeine
c) pms (run fast)
d) stress
e) low blood sugar
f) all of the above

In any case, after the manuscript hit the mail slot the correct answer was F. Long story short, we did not go on a trip as planned but stayed local. Smart guy and yes, I still like him. No, his competition isn’t even close to attracting my interest. Although I find it interesting that some old flames seem to be resurfacing. I call that the universal review…

Filling the creative well back up is a big job after marathon work loads. So, I ambled over to Dee’s house for a great movie the next am. We both cried over it and then I sauntered out to torment a devil dog I am working–to keep me humble. I believe I probably stared blankly at the wall or ceiling for a few hours, too.

After a long hiatus, I called a few pals who were happy to finally hear from me. Everyone basically has been waiting for me to resurface. In any case, I hit the road on Thursday to spend a few days in the desert. What did I do? Nothing.

Nothing actually consisted of sitting in a spa, sitting in a sauna, walking a dog around a lake, swimming, eating, and sleeping. Lots of all of that was good. When I arrived home I felt good…for about five minutes. Why? Funny you should ask.

While in the desert recovering (I stayed with an author pal who totally understood and supported my inertia) my brain flagged on a BIG error. I formatted for the web and not the book publishing world…”arrrgggghhhh!”

My author pal said, “You wouldn’t have done that.”

My man said, “Are you sure? You wouldn’t have done that.”

Guess what? I did. “Arrrggghhhh!”

So, I emailed my editor in New York from the desert to confess. Then, when I arrived home I worked like a dog…past midnight. I called the editor in case she had not checked her email and then rose at 5am or so to finish, print, and save to disk.

This morning, on the way to return the rental car, I dropped it into Cynthia’s capable hands. So, I believe this part is now done but geez. Many of you know the pace of the last few weeks–so it is no wonder I had a brain fart. I am also sure I will be teased about this for a long time. (Please just take notes about the a-f list.)

So now I am back in town and FREEZING. My trip to the desert landed me in 86-98 degree paradise. 40 plus degrees warmer. Flip flops, bathing suit and shorts…

My time began at a spa in Desert Hot Springs and then most of the rest was spent in La Quinta with author pal, Robena Grant.

Yep, check out that lake. You can see more of the Laguna de la Paz here. Let me just tell you that it was FABulous.

Robena spent time amusing me with the blog of her pals Jennifer Crusie and Bob Mayer who are both touring with their new book. Gives you some insight to the process and what a crazy community of bloggers can do.

BTW: I got an email from someone regarding the Grizzly ad commentary. Please always feel free to post so everyone can read it. You just need to sign up with blogger to do so.

Robena also took me out to celebrate my birthday–which is coming up. Feel free to send presents, feed me, take me on trips…I’ve been receiving presents for over a month and believe you should celebrate the chronological age by partying and carrying on for the same number of days leading up to or following the actual event.

Okay, I seem to be rambling.

Boy, did I get some DIRT for bad behavior. Not sure if I will print it but it is juicy. Also, things are changing regarding the coffee house but it is still going to open in May. No, the old coffee house did not sell. The last I heard was that the couple is not going to be operating it. Stay tuned.

On the Southshore things are cooking. Firehouse Ribs is in trouble. CATS still is planning the dinner theatre despite rumblings. “Down and Out” burgers is still under discussion…sheesh, are we quirky or what? Also heard that the JJJ Feed escrow did not close–but stay tuned.

For those of you who think I now have nothing to do…
Three of my editors are waiting for columns, I have another book I am supposed to help edit, a client wants her site updated, my websites need restructuring, promotional materials for the book must be constructed, dogs need to be trained, and lots more!

Oh yeah, and I need to put out another print edition of the Fawnskin Flyer!

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