Numbers Up

I am still waiting on an update for the MS Walk figures. Shortly after the walk over 60,000 had been collected. Locals speculate that the final totals will be between 70-80,000. Loni–you promised me an update. Give me a call when you get another figure!

BIG news that has locals talking is that the Moose Lodge went totally non-smoking as of about a week ago. The private lodge does not allow smoking at anytime–except in the smoking room, and certainly not in the patio during meals. This will be good news to many nonsmokers, like myself, who have stayed away specifically because of the smoking.

Mark, soon-to-be the new owner of the Fawnskin Market is scheduled for an interview this week. I am not sure if I will hold back the print issue until after that or not. Let me know what you think.

Don’t forget that today is the “Tea for Zoo” tour through ten of the local bed and breakfast businesses around town. I’ll be up at the Stargazer’s Inn with some other artisans.

Spring has sprung and I seem to be experiencing allergies this year! Yikes! I hope it is just the place I’ve been staying, but maybe not. The last time I had such trouble up here was in the early 1990’s when the pine trees went crazy along with all the other plants after excessive rainfall.

Barking Dogs
On the east end of the valley a bunch of dogs were barking, barking, barking last night and this morning. Wonder what is up. My pal suggested an earthquake…hmmm.

On the Fawnskin side neighbors are stewing over the dog who is regularly tied outside of a local restaurant and left to bark incessantly…and over the roaming dog crew. Pet owners, be warned that you are in violation of local ordinances and I’ve been told that these neighbors will be reporting you if you don’t comply soon.

On that note, I heard that dog man went after a new resident. The new resident also happens to be an officer! The guy asked dog man to keep his dogs under control and at home. Boy is there some tension brewing! I wonder what makes so many people think they are exempt from the rules around here…

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