The FAWNSKIN FLYER Volume II Issue 4

Volume II Issue 4
Not Necessarily News for Fawnskin, California
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Inside This Issue
Gossip Girl’s Notes
April Showers in Fawnskin
Upcoming Activities
Fawnskin Business News
Moose is Loose & Fun in Fawnskin

GG’s Notes
Did you miss me? I hope you have been keeping up with the news online. So what is my excuse for the hiatus? I’ve been busy finishing my book–so that is why I’ve been scarce around town.

The good news is that the book went off to the publisher on the 11th. The bad news is that I made a minor mistake and after a wonderful short escape to the desert, where I completely relaxed and slept, I returned only to hammer on the keyboard for an obscene amount of hours.

So now I just wait to see if they accept it. My agent will follow up with them in about four weeks and then I expect to begin additional edits after a review by the editorial team.

For those of you who think I no longer have anything to do–you are wrong! Now I must devote my time to catching up with all those projects put on hold during the final throes of book deadline.

You won’t believe all the stuff that has been going on around town. Be sure to catch the latest online as the print issue now only comes out once a month.

G.G. (Gossip Girl)

Fawnskin Events
Visit the Fawnskin Flyer online at to view event calendar of ongoing events. Here are a few to put into your calendar.

April 22, 2006
Ms Walk

May 1, 2006
Fawnskin Chamber of Commerce

May 6, 2006
Party at Fire Station 49 for Doris!

May 8, 2006
NSIA Potluck

May 14, 2006
Mother’s Day

May 20, 2006
David Gonzales Memorial

May 20-21, 2006
Trout Classic

May 28, 2006
Party in the Park

April Showers in Fawnskin…
April showers not only bring May flowers but also many changes around town.

First, many of you know that Doris finally sold the Fawnskin Market. Escrow closes at the end of this month. Mark Alnakoud is the new owner. Watch for his interview in the next issue.

You will have your first chance to meet him at the farewell party on May 6th. Be sure to mark your calendars for this event. The festivities begin at 10am with food and frolicking at Fire Station 49.

Doris is counting down (see the current number display in the store) so be sure to drop by to wish her well. And yes, the store will be closed for a short time during renovation.

Fawnskin Business News
Did you notice that changes are underway at the small building across from the Post Office? There was speculation around town regarding the sale of the last business housed in the quaint little building. In the end, the tenants just closed up and moved out.

After damages are repaired, a new coffee house will open with the same great coffee and a warm, friendly atmosphere. The opening date is anticipated to be in May. Both Fawnskin residents and locals throughout the valley are excited and buzzing about it.

So, who are the owners? Well, originally I reported that a local couple would be operating it. However, word on the street is that things are changing.

A spokesperson for the establishment said the place will provide a more rustic environment in alignment with the Northshore Trading Company. The group is NOT affiliated with the former proprietors.

Stop by to say hello while they are doing the repairs and renovations. Local kayaking enthusiasts are looking forward to being able to navigate up through Grout Creek for a good cup of java and snacks!

Moose is Loose
Moose Lodge 2085 members took a jaunt over to Ireland so it was a bit quiet around town for about a week. (However speculation is that it was probably pretty wild over on the otherside of the pond!)

Members report that they had a great time. Now everyone is busy gearing up for the Second Annual MS Walk.

The Big Bear MS Walk takes place on April 22, 2006. Join the gang at Stanfield Cutoff to support the cause.

Fun in Fawnskin
Locals are gearing up for spring and summer activities. Down at Captain John’s Fawn Harbor, they are gearing up for the season.

In town, Marty & Shirley’s park has new exercise stations awaiting set up.

On my hillside the buds are getting ready to bloom. The recent snowfall delayed some, but many of the stragglers seem to be doing well.

Speaking of which, the birds came out in force when the inclement weather hit. They have left my feeder untouched for months and suddenly were powering through it.

Word must have spread quickly since the avian clans showed up in force. Some even pecked on the window to demand that I fill their feeder…and emptied it daily. Bossy birds certainly know how to get what they want.

The delinquent squirrel took off leaving me to save up for a new truck windshield. Since he left, a new group of youngsters are in the neighborhood. They are foraging and exploring throughout my yard. Fearless furry faces come up to me and watch to see if I have any goodies with me.

The bunnies are out in force as well and so I doubt I’ll try the vegetable garden. I am sad to say that the neighbor’s construction ran off a whole lot of the other wildlife with their perpetual project. They shine lights at night to make sure the critters avoid the are…maybe code enforcement should stop by to bring them copies of some of the ordinances they are violating. Sheesh!

Unfortunately, it looks like new construction will begin shortly on the other side of my hill. Rats!

People on the block bought property with the understanding that the hill could not be developed due to easements and other factors. For some reason this was not enforced…nobody seems to have it in writing.

Despite the county supervisor’s assurances that building would be in alignment with the surroundings, and adhere to local ordinances, this does not seem to be happening.

Things that make you go, hmmm.

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2 Responses to “The FAWNSKIN FLYER Volume II Issue 4

  • 1
    April 22nd, 2006 15:44

    Not suprising, since this is Big Bear. Things convieniently get lost in the shuffle up here. I wonder how much of it can be attributed to money greasing the palms of the realtors or contractors? Does this type of thing exist?

  • 2
    April 23rd, 2006 09:12

    Hard to say. My neighbors say that a new crew came into the county offices and related building departments. They informed my neighbors that the new philosophy was different from the previous management!

    As far as moola aka revenue, I’ve heard some accusations but have no personal knowledge on this.