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Hi all,

My apologies for being such a slacker on the blog. However, I am finishing the book and so I can’t do much about it until after the final manuscript is in on the 15th of April. In case you want to know, I really like the final product and am busy with final edits since I just printed it up on Sunday. I am so tired that caffeine is NOT helping.

Unfortunately my pal’s mother died suddenly on Saturday and so I am running her business while she is out of town with family. The upside is that her mother died of a massive heart attack while she was playing bingo. So, if you are gonna go I would imagine that would be the way…no tubes, hospitals, or drugs.

On that sad note, she was planning to go down to UCLA Medical Center to support her pal. The buddy’s husband and local merchant, Joe isn’t doing too well. Keep everyone one in your prayers and send good thoughts to them all. It is a sad time.

Locally, the local coffee house building is empty. No news about what will happen with it if anything. The gang has been leaving Fawnskin for other parts…like Boulder Bay because NS Cafe is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. However, they were in rare form on Sunday. Our liberal leader got pretty hammered by local Bush fans.

Easter is around the corner and I want to encourage you to support the Make Mine Chocolate campaign. Pardon my sick humor but “Easter pets are a Hare-brain idea!”

I’ll be back shortly…

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