Bad Buzz & Fawnskin Cruisers

Moonlight Cruise
Don’t miss all the fun today…check the calendar of events for Big Bear. Many locals will be out on a midnight kayaking cruise tonight. Yesterday evening a group paddled out from Captain John’s. Keep your eyes open for next month’s event.

Bad Buzz
Wow, many of you know how fast stuff gets around town. One of the locals from town did not make a good choice last week and is it ever creating negative buzz throughout the valley. I don’t want to get into the details but want to remind everyone that you should do your best and provide your best always because when the local buzz gets ugly it usually stays that way.

Worker Bee Buzz
Anyone looking for work? The Shirt Shanty (village) and other merchants are seeking hard working, reliable people. If you are retired and looking to get out for a few days (or even one day) you might enjoy the work.

Our neighbor is still looking for a wood working handy-person.

Please join Katherine Blanc and I at Eastside Book Café today from 2-4pm. Buy a cup of java and pick up an autographed book for mom. Drop by Edelweiss Books to meet Brenda—she begins autographing at Noon.

BTW: North Shore Café is serving leg of lamb for Mother’s Day. Drop on by and have a munch…they open at 7am. They also are temporarily housing the Fawnskin Flyer. Pick a copy up there or at the Moose Lodge.

Also, GG stands for “Groggy Girl” this week. I managed to avoid a nasty ear infection but all the pharmaceuticals they put me on make it hard to be my sassy self! Just a note, if you are having allergies be careful. I tried stopping the antihistamines and the congestion is what got me into the mess.

Okay, gotta go start the Dog Club today!

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