Busted in Fawnskin

Many of you might have heard about the group of teens busted by the sheriff officers in Fawnskin. The teens had built and fire and were allegedly under the influence/in possession of illegal substances. The Fawnskin Four were amidst the gang but most of the crew were from Sugarloaf.

Hmmm, maybe it is time to do a Sugarloaf issue…

Caught Creekside
Down by Grout Creek four fisherman were fined by US Department of Fish & Game for fishing illegally. It is posted and a local warned them to move on about five minutes before they were cited. They gave him a bad time for being neighborly…instant karma?

Something Fishy
Okay, the carp are spawning. I noticed it the other day but I was down on the lakeshore this morning to visually confirm it. Trout are also swimming up the creek–saw a couple this am and another local said Rocco was talking about it the other day.

Fawnskin Market
The new flooring is in but they are still working on the electrical and assorted tasks. Keep your fingers crossed that they will be open by the holiday weekend.

Real Mothers
Yesterday was pretty busy with moms meandering with their families. Although I enjoy holidays and celebrations I am always happy when people just do nice things for their friends and family on a whim. It means more in my book. However, I hope you all enjoyed a great day and hopefully took advantage of the Moose Lodge brunch.

Moose Lodge
I didn’t get the scoop on the filming at the Moose Lodge the other morning but I heard the new governor, Dennis London chatting to a reporter when I popped in.

NS Cafe
Discussions were humorous and not too heated yesterday morning at the NS Cafe. Locals broke protocal and were using the “B” word and talking about our nation’s administration. More and more people are speculating about impeachment and hoping that we survive the blunders of this administration. I heard three discussions in one day in different locations from different people. Hmmm, is this a sign?

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