CalTrans & Other Fawnskin Concerns

Hi gang. I am on the eastside of the valley again. Hate it. The new construction and inconsideration doesn’t allow me to concentrate or enjoy my own home and the regulators don’t seem to be doing anything to enforce the codes or laws in the area. I don’t have a problem with construction noise only the blaring music and nasty looking neandertals working on the project. I have not enjoyed my deck for almost a year and a half! So, my only option to have peace and quiet is to leave. Gee, is there something wrong with that?

Over on the west end of town the Creekside Cafe is waiting on feedback from the landlord. Another business is interested in going in so if their negotiations don’t get finalized something will be there–but it might not be a coffee house as originally speculated.

The chamber hosted CalTrans staff for a discussion on local issues. There will be a survey conducted soon regarding the speed limit. The bad news is that they will take an average of what vehicles are doing and post 85% or so as the speed limit. So, watch your speeds around town. They are going to take an average. We are probably going to have to petition for safety of residents and business clients pulling in and out of the main drag.

Is there something wrong with this process? Since when do speeding cars dictate what the limits should be? Shouldn’t safety (yes, someone has to be killed first before any action will be taken) be a concern? Shouldn’t the business district sprinked with private residences and children waiting for the bus merit lower speed limits? Squealing brakes and accidents are not something we want in town…

Which brings me to the guard rails. Apparently the areas where vehicles consistently land in the drink are going to receive guard railings to prevent vehicles from launching into the lake. Personally, I get immense satistfaction from it–my petty self does anyway.

As a matter of fact, someone just missed hitting me during a walk because they were speeding around windy point. Hazardous. Their tires squealed for over 150 feet and they actually had to veer over the double yellow line into ongoing traffic in an attempt to get the vehicle under control. When speeders just injure their cars (or themselves) my hope is that the experience at least teaches them to slow down.

Take a gander at the Fawnskin Market via the windows. The interior is being gutted and the ceiling should be higher if things go as planned. Not sure about the entire scoop but keep an eye out.

A variety of businesses in Fawnskin are advertising via KBHR. In addition the my new “Ark Animal Answers” (sponsored by Bear Valley Pet & Animal Supply), you can hear Fawnskin Realty and Northshore Trading Company. Groovy!

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