Coyote Chat

We should begin to see the coyotes emerging with their new cubs any day now. Check out this Associated Presscoyote article as a reminder to keep your pets secure near the forest and lakeshore.

I am guessing that we are going to see a large new population in relation to the amount of rodents I am seeing. They are everywhere! Driving home last night at least six ran out in front of my truck. They have a nightly party in my walls and ceiling–think I figured out how they are getting in.

My neighbor says it is rodent sports season. Make sense…apparently that is why they are active, then quiet for a while, resume noise at half-time, get quiet again, and conduct loud celebrations at the end of the game.

Recently at the NS Cafe we discussed the mouse in the house problem. I think it would be a good discussion for one of my articles or radio infomercials. If you have any input feel free to post!

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