Creekside Cafe Update

News travels fast in the BB Valley. Yesterday I got a scoop in Bear City. Today I got confirmation.

After seeking professional input the partners on Creekside Cafe have decided to NOT pursue the project. Another party is still interested in the business but a lease clause could sway the decision.

When asked about why they did not continue with the projects the partners said that the demands of their other businesses prompted their advisors to urge them to reconsider.

Interested in a business and home rental? The location on the boulevard may be up for grabs and it is pretty reasonable.

Just to give you the heads up, I’ll be traveling over the next few days and probably won’t be blogging. However, those of you who are team members may do so! I’ll expect to get the scoop on the David Gonzales Memorial and the Trout Classic from you when I get back.

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