Duck, Duck, Ducklings

I spied my first paddling (aka as a badling per James Lipton) of wood ducks this morning. The small family furiously fluttered off the shoreline and into the water. Six ducklings in all. Very sweet and I hope more than a few survive. In addition to the coyotes and winged predators, the fish even get into the act and eat the tiny tots.

The stream to Grout Bay is fast shrinking and I didn’t see many fish this am. Avid kayakers are enjoying the full lake and I can’t wait to get back and get into the water.

I noticed barn swallows over on my end this year, one likes to perch right outside my window to preen and fuss. The Big Bear shopping centers finally found a way to get the birds away from their awnings. They have used some sort of nylon netting, tiny lights and fake owls to dissuade the avian clans.

Last year I mentioned (in my news releases) how the development and insecticides had impacted the group at the San Juan Capistrano Mission and how they have begun to disperse. People have emailed to ask about where they are going…and here they are!

I’ll be back Tuesday so I look forward to seeing you then and be sure to get me the scoop for the weekend frivolities!

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