Life Outside of Fawnskin?

My trip was great although the return was not. My parrot, CE decided to take flight to other realms and it isn’t easy to have a pet die…expecially when you are away. Guess I’ll have some time sans furry, feathered, scaled and finned critters at home.

The travel angels surrounded us with cloud cover and rain on the big drive through the desert to Arizona and back. We landed at my beau’s old stomping grounds and had a rendezvous with his brother and sister-in-law.

We spent a lot of time sleeping and indulging in good food and beverages from places such as Macy’s Coffee House. Check out this bohemian establishment that made me miss my days up in Berkeley and pine for real glass mugs filled with the finest coffee drinks. I enjoyed the Macy’s atmosphere and eclectic crowd.

Next we took road tours to visit Sunset Crater , Wupatki National Monument and the south rim of the Grand Canyon.

I feel pretty rested and was amazed at the similarities between here and there. The town is seeing an upsurge in second home owners and price increases in response. The low end property starts at US $307,000. The town is larger and offers more choices– but the flavor (and weather) is similar as they are a big tourist mecca.

Anyway, it was a great trip and the man and I still like each other after five days on the road. Good sign.

During my absence the weeds really went wild so I am going to have to get out in the garden this weekend. In the meantime, I have phone calls to return, web work to get done, and scuttlebutt to gather!

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