More Moola & More Bad Behavior

Moose MS Moola
Although I didn’t get this before press time–The MS Walk money raised here by the Moose Lodge Team is currently $71, 946 with about three weeks left to raise more money. If you want to contribute to the cause drop off your checks at the Moose Lodge for David or Loni.

More Bad Behavior
Geez. I could have filled the whole flyer up with bad behavior. Here is the rest of the scuttlebutt left out.

Mermorial Murmurs
You might remember my mentioned some murmurs over the David Gonzales Memorial. The town is pretty much pissed off by remarks made by the Christian Women’s Group. A sales pitch for the Women’s Gathering was considered insensitive and out of line by local attendees.

Also the Women’s Group representative made comments (hopefully unintentional) that were construed as blaming Mr. & Mrs. Gonzales for letting David go to the car by himself. The bottom line? The organizer (representing her group) managed to irritate everyone in Fawnskin from the planning, to the preparation, and thru execution.

Event Enforcer Error
A local businessman in town had to take a stand over a group who assumed they would take over his establishment in order to conduct an event. Initial verbal agreements were that the event would use a portion of his property but the event planner informed him recently that they would take over the entire acreage. Needless to say, when they tried to manipulate him into acquiescing to their demands, he told them they could take their event elsewhere or compensate him fairly. In the end, they will compensate him in exchange for shutting his operation down for the event. One thing about this town, don’t piss off the locals or you will lose a heck of a lot of support.

Vacate the Premises
Finally, local residents will be happy to know that main drag squatters at 39214 have received a notice to vacate. Failure to comply will result in removal of persons and property on June 2, 2006. Belly up to the bar to watch in anticipation. Most of the area in front has been cleared but the interior and back area still contains a bunch of junk.

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