On the Road to Fawnskin

We leave to return to California today. It has been a nice break with great weather but I’ll fill you in when I get back. In the meantime, here is an update on the David Gonzales Memorial Service in Fawnskin sent in by correspondant Rick. Thanks Rick!

The David Gonzales Memorial Service was “moderately attended” in comparison to the massive numbers of people who participated in the search for David Gonzalez. I was
expecting to see more people. Only the Bear Valley Search and Rescue folks were out in force & no representative from the Sheriff’s Dept.

The Gonzalez family was obviously very touched by the memorial, espeically the plaque in David’s honor. All the words by all of the people were from the heart. One goal proffered by the organizer was to bring closure to this sad event. Maybe it did, but it also brought forth some of the memories that had faded with time.

Fawnskin was nicely represented by:
-Lori Gardiner as VP of NSIA, (President Sue Crockett was unexpectedly away)
-Chris Weber & Kathy Hough who did a vast majority of the triangle garden preparations,
-“The guys” from Station #49,
-Mayor Emile Parker,
-Your Humble Correspondent.

The Fawnskin Honorary Mayors, past & present, were each requested to say a few words in rememberance of David Gonzalez and the events surrounding his search.

Here is the announcement from the Big Bear Grizzlyand the story in the San Bernardino Sun is a nice, accurate recounting of the David Gonzales Memorial service:

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