Pirates Invade Fawnskin

I missed all the action down at Captain John’s last night. Yesterday a group of pirates were teaching our Fawnskin youngsters some authentic moves using real swords. Yikes! Many of the group actually work for the television and movie industry. I bet we will see them again in the near future.

I don’t know about you but I am having quite the time surviving this allergy season. I hate using drugs but those allergy aids are my new best friends. However, I was pretty pissed off that I had to scan my drivers license to buy them. It seems that we American are being monitored too much.

A conversation on the matter took place this morning at the North Shore Cafe. We obviously meandered on the topic. One group member said she read a recent article regarding two humans who apparently volunteered to receive micochip implants. Check out these articles and commentaries : Law Center Commentary on Microchipping or read this encyclopedia summary on human microchipping.
Check out the human microchip company here.
Hmmm, patient identification?
Read an interesting commentary here.

Okay, enough of that. For you avid readers there will be two book events up here next Saturday. Katherine Blanc and I will be signing books from 2-4pm at Eastside Book Cafe in Big Bear City (near Thelma’s Restaurant).

Edelweiss Books will feature Brenda Scott Royce author of “Monkey Love” from Noon until 3pm. Do the coffee and book tour we would all love to see you–and autographed books are good gifts for moms since it is Mother’s Day weekend!

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