Posting Challenges

I tried posting yesterday without any luck. I found some great material on War Dog Memorials but I’ll save it now until it is more timely.

Seda Kayak Demo Days at North Shore Trading Company in Fawnskin
In the meantime, mark your calendars for June 24th & 25th for Seda Kayak Demo Days. Last year we had a blast testing their kayaks in Grout Bay. It is a great chance to actually test manuever their crafts. It certainly got me hooked on kayaking!

Reduction in Trashy Behavior
Having said that I have not been out on the lake. But during my amble this am I was happy to see little trash around the highway and boat ramp. Amazing. It may be some of the new trash cans or just that traffic moved elsewhere.

Fire Bugs
Unfortunately some stupid, stupid, visitors lit fires right on the ground in two locations of Grout Bay. We watched one last night–fortunately the ground is wet. I’ll have to get you the after hours emergency numbers to call and report violators. We certainly don’t need an out of control fire.

Cleaning Bug & Yard Sales
Over the weekend I spring cleaned. Allergies have prevented me from working in the garden so I’ve almost finished doing the top to bottom clean at home. Neighbors have decided I should host a yard sale on my parking pad. So stay tuned. The Moose Lodge will be having one on July 4th weekend so plan on taking your goodies to them for the sale. Funds go to the Moose Charities.

Speaking of Moose…I missed the BBQ. RATS! It is the first time since moving into town. However, losing my bird has put a damper on things so I got busy clearing out her cage and redecorating. I have a wreath to take out to her grave but basically I am avoiding dealing with the issue. Too painful.

Open House
I slipped down the North Shore to celebrate the Open House with Knight Plumbing, Karl Francis, Bonnie Blue and Tom Baird. Skeleton Key played and they had a BBQ. It was fun to be out and mingle with old pals. Then I snuck back home to write some radio ad copy.

Today I am out and about. I have some articles I need to finish…

Big Bear Beauty & Brains
On a total tangent, did you know that Fawnskin has a contestant in the Big Bear Pageant? McMillan is the name I believe. I got my hands on sponsorship paperwork and hope that some local business owners will want to kick in for the scholarship fund.

The new pageant managers have actually been putting the girls through public speaking classes, interview techniques and nuances for poise, make-up and other related topics. The scholarship funds are significant so please support the cause.

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