The FAWNSKIN FLYER Volume II Issue 5

Volume II Issue 5

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Inside This Issue
Gossip Girl’s Notes
Busy in Fawnskin
More Fawnskin Business News
Moose Lodge
Dog-Gone Fun & Bad Behavior

GG’s Notes
Wow has town been busy! I spent a few days on the east end of the valley and discovered that I am allergic to leaving Fawnskin. Once home, my sinus challenges disappeared.

This week found me out hiking in the mornings followed by kayaking out on the lake. I am so happy to be able to be out on the lake early this year. Some of you will remember that I got hooked on kayaking very late in 2005 so I am looking forward to paddling through the summer and fall.

When I returned home lots was happening. A large crane was in the middle of town placing the new sign in Fawn Park. I arrived with posters announcing the Pirate Faire and was excited to amble onto all the business news. Don’t forget that you can always send me updates online!

Fawnskin is a happening place–if you didn’t know it. This summer is going to be fabulous so get in gear and join the other townsfolk for a great season and unique happenings in your own backyard!

G.G. (Gossip Girl)

Fawnskin Events
Visit the Fawnskin Flyer online at to view event calendar of ongoing events.

May 6, 2006
Party at Fire Station 49 for Doris!
Puppy Club Meets (800) 818-7387

May 8, 2006
NSIA Potluck

May 14, 2006
Mother’s Day Brunch at Moose Lodge (Free to member moms courtesy of the Moose men!)
Canine Club Meets (800) 818-7387

May 20, 2006
David Gonzales Memorial

May 20-21, 2006
Trout Classic

May 28, 2006
Party in the Park (Fawn Park)

June 3, 2006
Beat the Heat/Ride the Mountain

June 3-4, 2006
Pirate Faire at Captain John’s Fawn Harbor

Busy in Fawnskin…
Things around town are hopping! Blooms bring the bunnies out, the bees are buzzing and businesses are busy.

The latest news on the east side of town concerns the new antique mall. Many of you know that Ernie and Carol bought a new place and moved out of their establishment on the main drag.

Talk about doing double duty! The duo is finalizing the remodel of their new dwelling and has morphed the antique store into a cozy little mall.

Carol gave me a tour and said she hopes to be open with new consignors and a wider selection of quality antiques by June 1st. Don’t forget to drop by with your seasonal visitors.

More Fawnskin Business News
The Fawnskin Market is officially closed for inventory and renovation. Doris told me the escrow doesn’t actually close until closer to the end of this month. I attempted to interview Mark but the timing was bad–so you will just have to wait until the next issue. Don’t forget to mark your calendar for the party at Fire Station 49 on Saturday, May 6th.

Moose Lodge
Moose Lodge 2085 members did a great job at the 2nd Annual MS Walk. As of press time the amount brought in is $64, 151 and climbing.

Loni and Dave Emig and key members of the lodge really worked hard to make the event successful. Good job! Dave says funds will continue to come in until June 22nd. If you would like to throw in more moola for the cause—drop it off at the lodge.

By the way, the Moose Lodge is a no smoking facility now. Many of you around town will be happy to hear that change took place late April. Please support the lodge’s decision by not smoking and by purchasing meals and drinks more frequently!

Fun in Fawnskin
Since the last issue, Fawn Park has received a new fancy sign. The fawn was carved by chainsaw and a few locals dropped by to watch the sign go up. Roundtown Ron filmed so be sure to watch Channel 6 to get the scoop.

Creekside Café already has a Financial Book Club booked for the first Wednesday evening in June so things are moving along. I took a paddle up the creek and am anxious for them to open. The partners will offer a wider menu to suit all tastes and plan to have recreational rentals. Drop by the online issue for the rest of the scoop as it manifests.

Dog-Gone Fun
The Puppy Club begins meeting on May 6th and will meet each month on the first Saturday from 10am-11am. Pups from 8-16 weeks of age are welcome. Please call to enroll. Location rotates.

The Canine Club will meet May 13th and each month on the second Saturday from 10-11am. Dogs 24 weeks and older are welcome. Please call to enroll. Location rotates.

All participants must be human and dog friendly. Leashes and clean up bags are required tools.

Bad Behavior
Okay, I know you have been waiting for more bad behavior. Let me just say that there is a bunch. Hmmm, is the increase due to the warm weather?

One of the local property owners has been plagued with squatters. In the meantime, her properties were found to be in violation of county codes and code enforcement had a tough time tracking the property owner down to issue the citations.

Well, you might find it amusing to hear that the property owner was arrested for attacking one of the “tenants” with an axe handle. However, the defendant claims not to have used the axe itself, only the handle…does that make it less of a crime?

During her incarceration, code enforcement was able to get an interview room and issued the citations. I must say I admire the clever crew’s creativity and tenacity.

On that note, the dwellings on the main drag and up on Cedar Dell are slowly getting cleaned up and closer to compliance.

Bad Dogs or Bad Owners?
Neighbors are complaining about wandering and barking dogs. I saw Officer Jamie heading our way this am. Quite a few locals are not willing to put up with the blatant disregard of the leash law and local pet ordinances. More on this later…

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