Bad Behavior Continues

I recently had a conversation with a valley local (non-Fawnskin resident) who commented on bad behavior in higher doses than she was used to from the people she interfaces with. So, I just HAD to share my theory on this and thought I would share it with you.

Part of my supposition is that since we are a smaller community and know each other, we interface with people we might not normally chose to. In larger communities we have more anonymity. The tendency is to get together with those of like interest, like age and other related commonalities–but that isn’t always the case around here. It is sort of like being in one big dysfunctional family.

The other part of my hypothesis is that you have the opportunity to consider challenges as a “good growth experience.” Sometimes I believe we have “universal reviews” where the universe places people (or situations) in our path again to see how much we have grown, or still need to grow.

For instance, maybe you’ve had some sort of disagreement or altercation with a particular individual. You might not see them for a while when suddenly you run into them everywhere, hear about them over and over again in public, or some similar pattern. This is what my pal was talking about.

In her case, it took her a while to work through it and currently it looks like the lesson is for the other party.

Bad Behavior: Kick a Quarter in the Can for Each Cuss Word
Since I was out on the town alone, two guys figured I was fair game. Although they were guests in Fawnskin, one guy had a horrible potty mouth. I told him he needed to kick some funds in the “cuss can” on the counter but he ignored me, as did the person responsible for monitoring the behavior. The upside is that I won’t ever have to see those guys again or put up with their poor public manners.

Bad Behavior: Big Brat
Did you ever have a bad gut feeling about someone? I just did. This involved a referral from a treasured client. Unfortunately I only got the scoop on the person AFTER I agreed to a personal meeting.

After only two interactions (one in person and one by phone) I decided I probably needed to “fire” the client before we even got started. Although I like to assist people, if they ignore guidelines, fail to disclose information, or act inconsiderately, I will not work with them.

To my luck, the person cancelled the appointment and I didn’t have to do so. However, the street scuttlebutt is that stories are being made up about the situation. Good thing I am not working with them. I will certainly not ever do so.

Email Commentary
I just received a commentary regarding the Fawnskin Flyer and thought you’d like to have a gander at part of it:

“I picked up your “Flyer” at one of the restaurants here on the Big Bear side of the lake. I was interested in coming over to participate in the June 4 Holdem Tournament on the first page. Since there was no additional information, i.e. location, time etc., I followed the instructions to go to the web site and found that seriously lacking in information.

Now I finally found a number for the Moose Club. This morning, June 4, I called the number and was told it was a closed event to members only. I’m glad I didn’t make the trip for nothing as I would have been upset to get all the way over there on a special trip and be disappointed.

As, a member of the Chamber of Commerce you should not be publishing incomplete misleading information under the heading of “Fawnskin Events” leading the non-member public astray.”

Okay, thanks for sharing. Just a reminder to readers, you can just post comments online instead of emailing them in.

Although I realize the person was probably frustrated here is the reality:

–The Fawnskin Flyer is a two page flyer. Space issues dictate what goes in and what doesn’t. The only official distribution sites are in Fawnskin.
–The Fawnskin Flyer is for Fawnskin Residents. If people enjoy reading it from all over the world online, good. If Fawnskin visitors throw a quarter in the can (most don’t) it helps print the little thing. If not, no big deal.
–The Fawnskin Flyer started as a joke and has taken on a life of its own. Online it is my personal blog (and so it shall remain) so I include or omit what I choose. Locals know I use a lot of discernment…
–The online version is an archive of the print edition and includes convenience links to other information related to Fawnskin and additional commentaries. I don’t believe any of us lead anyone “astray.”
–You could have signed up as a member and played in the tournament when you arrived at Moose Lodge 2085. One of the guys would have been happy to sign you up–if you asked. It isn’t my job to recruit or advertise. I just inform locals about the scuttlebutt around town. Next time, keep in mind that you can join a lodge in your area and come up to play.
–Very few people make my life easy by informing me of what is happening. I share what I know and insert a few smart a** comments and opinions on the things going around town. I LOVE those locals who email me with tidbits or send over photos.
–Nobody pays me to put in their phone numbers to promote their events. In the past I put in phone numbers for convenience of visitors. Space issues dictated I do something else. So, no more numbers but if you took some time to look, they are in the archives.
–Local Fawnskin numbers are on the Fawnskin Chamber of Commerce website (just click on the link from the Flyer index) or available with a quick call to directory information.
–The Fawnskin Flyer is “Not Necessarily the News for Fawnskin, California.” It is not a hard news source nor is it something to be taken seriously.
–This is also not a money making operation but only a personal hobby gone awry!

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One Response to “Bad Behavior Continues

  • 1
    October 2nd, 2009 12:00

    I happened across the Fawnskin Flyer online, as I was looking for tips to winterize a small cabin. (Thank you by the way).

    I wanted to also say thank you for your comments and advise on the “Bad Behavior continues” post. I have to say what a calming and enjoyable lesson, that we can all learn from.

    We all sometimes get in a hurry, get self centered, selfish and down right hateful! I had a quick thought myself, that we all should post a sign somewhere (if only in our minds) that only states: ” Check yourself ”

    You made me “check myself” with your post. As long as we are breathing we will all make mistakes, but we can also learn from those mistakes or learn from mistakes of others. We are all breathing, therefore we may do things that we regret and hopefully we can fix and learn from them. Remember:

    “Death, is something that we don’t live to regret”.

    Thank you for sharing your theory!