Bogey Fishing Tournament Not Bogus

The winners of the Bogey Fishing Tournament were:
1st Place: Mike Contra
2nd Place: Cyndy Conroy
3rd Place: Wayne Parker

The Moose Lodge 2085 fish weighed in at 1 pound 5.8 ounces. Mike won with his fish weighing in at 1 pound 5.81 ounces! Talk about close.

Cyndy won the style class. Apparently she tossed her line in the water and proceeded to bask in the sun (napping). Her boat companions had to wake her up to tell her to reel in the line!

On the creative side, another member (sorry, can’t reveal this creative sort) tried to get her cohort to BUY a trout from the market. The intention was to turn it in the package. Alas, her partner was a spoiled sport. It would have fit right in the humorous tradition of this town.

When asked for comment she said, “Well, nobody said how the fish had to come in…”

Krazy Kayaker
One of our town favorites (Remember the infamous cheating dieter?) took part in the Seda Demo Days and headed out in a fabulous kayak. Apparently he requested a FAK vessel (aka Fat-Ass-Kayak) but the owner didn’t understand what he was asking.

Anyway, our yacht club member, who paddles around Grout Bay numerous times per week, managed to take a dump into the drink. However, he attempted to feign a calm, nonchalant demeanor when he met his wife on the shore. (Did I forget to mention that she is a svelte coordinated kayaking fiend?)

Needless to say he needs to buy a new wallet. Her comment to the Fawnskin Flyer? “What did he think?…that I wasn’t going to notice he was soaking wet…” The story had the whole group of locals laughing at the Sunday gathering at the North Shore Café.

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