Busy Beavers in Fawnskin

The weekly Sunday breakfast proved to be interesting this week. Most of the questions I received concerned local business happenings.

The Fawnskin Market has not progressed much but some items have appeared on the shelves of the cold boxes. Locals are complaining about the white Ford parked in front as it is blocking vision for those turning. It has been there at least a month. Time to call CHP or Code Enforcement?

Many locals were happy to see the clean up crew just east of the old North Shore Tavern. Big dumpsters and a skip loader kept busy for days.

Although I was asked for the latest news on one of the local establishments, I have to decline sharing it. Let me just say it doesn’t bode well.

The North Shore Trading Company invites you over for kayaking during their Seda Demo Days. Try out these awesome kayaks and have a bite compliments of Jim and Janet. Be sure to check out their clothing, antique lures, and assorted goodies in the shop. Nice article in the Grizzly guys!

On the lakeshore big news has been happening. Although I have not seen the little devils, neighbor Gene & Glenna had a surprise when the local beavers knawed down their trees…talk about elegant lakeside dining!

Dave & Lori…get me those final figures on the MS Walk.

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