Moonlight Kayaking

Yesterday we had a great time celebrating Chef Richard’s birthday. Did I mention that the food was great? I finally got to meet his sister and mom, caught up with pals, and just had a good time socializing.

Captain John said that he is forming a Moonlight Kayaking group and invites you to contact him about the evening trip. Locals will enjoy the beauty of the lake under the full moon. There is nothing like listening to the waterfowl, crickets and other wildlife stirring at night.

Speaking of wildlife, a coyote pack errupted into a very LOUD chorus under my deck the other night. I had my window open and the noise made my guest jump and my neighbor got scared. They engage in boisterous rituals when they get back together again and this reunion was no exception.

I have a couple of topics for the 1st year anniversary issue of the flyer. Time for some silliness. If you have any ideas you’d like to see…drop me a line.

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