Summer Arrives in Fawnskin

Moose Mess
The big disappointment around town this week was NOT having taco night at the Moose Lodge. The kitchen has been undergoing renovation so Kevin cooked chili dogs outside. They were good but the turnout was light. This whole week spring cleaning and new carpeting efforts will continue.

Summer Sale
Since today is the first day of summer you might want to enjoy the long day. Summertime means yard sales and the annual Moose fundraising sale is around the corner. Clean out your closets and garage and donate it to the cause. The event will take place on July 1-3, 2006. Drop by to find out what items are acceptable and when to drop them off.

Bustling Beavers
The busy beavers are hanging out near Windy Point. Neighbors have reported seeing them but I’ve yet to get a glimpse. I hope they restore their old lodge here in Grout Bay. Speaking of which–who are the crazy water skiers coming into the bay each morning? It is pretty shallow out there.

Lots of baby waterfowl are out on the lake. I’ve also seen a number of dead birds around town. Let me know if you are encountering the same thing.

Blind Bogey Tournament
This Saturday, June 24th, is the fishing tournament at the Moose Lodge starting at 8am. It is $10 to enter and the fishing champ will be the one who catches the whopper closest to the weight of the one the Lodge collects. If you are not a member, you can find a sponsor and sign up for membership at the lodge. Fish & Chips will be served for dinner…and NO the fish being served is not caught on this lake.

Pet Party
Bear Valley Pet & Animal Supply will hold their first annual “Pet Party” on Saturday, June 24th, from 11am until 3pm. Drop by to see Randy Miller and his Grizzly, “Dakota.” Watch Cheyenne the Wonder Dog, meet the Nutro food expert and more! I’ll be there selling autographed copies of my books and offering free pet personality evaluations. The NEW drop-in dog training program will begin at 5pm.

Where has GG been?
To those of you asking about where I’ve been…busy. Business is keeping me moving and I am seeing clients down the hill every two weeks. Good news for me but it does cut in on my social time and writing.

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