The Other Side of the Mountain

We needed a day off and to get away. The good part is that we live in paradise and we don’t want to leave. So the choice was to drive out of town and into the west side of the mountain. For those of you who live out of this area—this means we drove from Big Bear into Lake Arrowhead, Blue Jay and the surrounding areas.

Why? Mainly because we know too many people and when you want to have time off you don’t always want to run into those you know. Also, people tend to cut into personal time with questions related to business and on your day off with your significant other, that is sometimes the last thing you really want to have happen.

Anyway, we started the day at Eastside Book Café as they are one of the best coffee houses on the mountain. The drive to Arrowhead took way to long due to slow traffic but we arrived in time to miss the morning rush at the Belgian Waffle Works.

We ambled into the Mountain Birds and met the supervisor, Mocha. Mocha is a fabulous feline adopted by the store. She is a beautiful tortoiseshell who perched on my shoulder and demanded I cart her around during the store tour.

Although we browsed through many establishments, one of my favorites is the Treasure Trove (on the highway just west of Running Springs on the North corner of Valley View and Hilltop). Maria (originally from Argentina) was her usual warm self. She let us know about the CalTrans meeting regarding the highway road work scheduled for this summer and Mountain Top days.

Part of this year’s festivities is the summer festival at Snow Valley. Check out the talent line up at You’ll be able to see The Turtles, Dr. Hook, Herman’s Hermit, the Little River Band, and World Classic Rockers.

We stopped in Running Springs to see Zenna at the Enchanted Crystal. She informed us that on August 5, 2006 the Mountain Top Days will host a Psychic Fair & Art Show. The event will be held from 10am until 4pm. Drop by for energy work, Reiki, and a psychic car wash!

Bad Behavior
Well, the bad boys have been at it again. Apparently they have been seen trespassing in the Fawn Lodge. I doubt that is a better choice since breaking and entering is against the law.

One of our locals got popped for being a dead beat dad. Research on the web reveals some entertaining content. Anyway, he was scarce for a short time but is now out and about again.

Finally, anyone know who vandalized the exercise stations at Fawn Park? The juvenile drawings were done in permanent markers. The penned works include farts and added anatomy to the professional illustrations.

Mountain Folk Interview Criteria

One of my readers bent my ear the other night to inform me that I left out the ever important shaving habits for men. How could I forget such a thing?

When job seeking, make sure you shave before an interview and be sure to trim nose hair, ear fuzz and neck pelt. If you sport a mustache or beard, make sure to trim your whiskers so you at least look neat and tidy.

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