Bad Behavior & Fawnskin Loves Fire Fighters

Apparently a request to allow the Marine Corps Color Guard Detachment 1038 on a private stage in Fawnskin was denied this week. Now you might remember the feud between two individuals in town covered in bad behavior previously. This is another incident said to involve the same two and is really not surprising.

Anyway, in case there is any confusion left out there, the Fawnskin Festival will be held behind the Moose Lodge once again and I just wonder why organizers thought anything might have changed to allow them to present colors elsewhere.

Which brings me to mention your burning question: Is the park public or private? My understanding is that the park is privately owned and has been placed in a trust. Beyond that I don’t have an answer for you. In between the park “enhancements” there have also been a few “dramatic” episodes.

A few community members can be seen in the park and visitors always drop in to enjoy it. In town I’ve heard confusion over why the Fawnskin Festival is disallowed, disappointment over the cancellation of the Party in the Park, scuttlebutt over the relocation of the David Gonzalez Memorial, and now passionate comments over the denial of the Marine Corps Color Guard.

Do I have any answers? None other than it is private property and the owners can do with it what they want. Yes, funds have been solicited but I am unaware if it is a 501c3. For those in the know, please feel free to send in proof that the ownership is any different.

For those of you interested in the most recent drama, you can read the Marine Corps group’s letter to the community at Bear Valley News. Rumor has it that s**t is going to hit the fan if local news sources print some of the letters that have allegedly been drafted to the editor regarding this recent development.

Speaking of the park, there is a new fire engine ride for kids placed to the fireman figure. It is always amazing to see what appears in the little place.

Fawnskin LOVES Fire-Fighters!
One of the things we are grateful for is the high number of fire-fighters currently in the valley. The past few days have been filled with unbelievable thunder and lightening strikes. I guess I missed some of the scarier nights when the strikes continually lit up the sky. All I know is that the strikes were so close and brilliant over the past two days that I could see the yellow hue during the day through my frosted panes as they connected to the earth.

So, my long winded commentary is just to say remember to thank any fire-fighters still in the valley. They have jumped on any new fires and squelched them before they have become serious threats. The crews are slowly heading home and we are sure happy to have our community safe after this latest scare.

Granted, fire season is far from over but at least we received some precipitation and may have a break. Just make sure you are ready to evacuate if the need arises. Live critters, computer disks, important papers, photos of valuables, insurance policy information, irreplaceable photos and heirlooms are some of the items you may want to remember. Consider contingency plans that include stays at locations away from the region to avoid smoke filled air and to assist in lightening the load on resources.

I had a nice trip to San Diego after two days of hectic workloads. Anyway, I hope to have more scuttlebutt for you again soon. Feel free to drop in your comments.

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