Community Paddling?

The other side of the story…so, another source informed me that the park closure is over concerns that people will abuse the place and leave their trash all around the facility. There is more about the park but I am sworn to secrecy. Hate that.

My pal and fellow smarta** suggested we hold a community paddling to end the feud between the “park person” and the “festival person.” How about getting some old stockades…maybe from the Old Miners gang…and place them in the triangle?

Next, the town could get those foam paddles the shrinks use and place the two in the stockades, then the whole community could take whacks on their bums for bad behavior. Or better yet, turn the two lose on each other and let them have it out.

You would think there was nothing else going on in the world…

Here in the Fawnskin Universe there is always more dirt, bad behavior, and amusement over day-to-day activities. Can you imagine if I actually reported about everything going on? Or what if I revealed all the details? YIKES!

I received a couple of tidbits regarding businesses in the area. First, someone is pondering taking a gander at the old café again. Don’t hold your breath, but if it goes expect to see some movement within the next 60 days.

I’ve also heard mixed reviews about the Discovery Center Gala. Some of the changes were not well received. Let me know what your experience was…at the moment I have 50/50 feedback.

Another local business was supposed to have changed staffing and operations to address ongoing challenges. Mixed stories exist about firing and quitting…let me know if you have anything good to report on this one.

More pictures to come from this weekend…

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