It was nice to have the weather change down here yesterday. The day we visited Oceanside it was hotter at the beach than it was inland–or at least it felt that way.

Yesterday proved to be a busy morning for me as I attempted to reschedule an appointment for today and catch up on some of the news and my email. My handsome man and I ventured out to the Old California Coffee Company to start our day. Tonya, the owner, served up exceptional espresso drinks and we enjoyed getting our engines in gear.

The place is an eclectic mix of college students, musicians, and visitors. Each table is a work of art on its own. Take a quick look through the gallery for a selective gander or here is an outdoor snap. If you are traveling, you can pair good food and espresso with free wireless internet. They also have some great retro items for sale related to coffee and smart a** commentary.

The Old California Restaurant Row features some great places. As you know, when I travel I love to have ethnic food since we really don’t have any to speak of in Big Bear. This week we managed to hit the India Princess, the King & I, a French Bistro and the fabulous Fish House Veracruz. I love the heavy wooden carved doors at the fish house and the other artwork and etchings that grace the building. Live fish swim in the tanks around you, too. You can watch the chef’s prepare your meal and purchase the catch-of-the-day at the fish market counter as you enter.

Anyway, we just relaxed and caught a movie. I’ve been scoping out computers since mine bit the dust and I have to replace it. I’ll be here another day and then take a jaunt back up to Big Bear to get working on things again.

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