Fawnskin Bustling & Bristling

In case you have not heard, the town is bustling and bristling today. The Fawnskin Festival has again attracted a bunch of visitors and town is bustling. Today highlights include a Dog Show, Classic Car Show, more music, food and vendors. At 4pm is the big money drawing to raise funds for the Friends of Fawnskin. Buy in at their booth for $50 a ticket…the 1st Place award is $7500 with two additional purse awards.

The bristling has to do with Fawn Park being “closed” today to all visitors. Apparently when asked why the park was being closed the answer was, “because the Festival is not insured.”

Okay, first the Moose Lodge 2085 is hosting the event to support the community because The Fawn Park Corporation won’t allow it. I suspect that the Fawnskin Festival has also grown to large to fit in between all the park “enhancements.”

Secondly, the Fawnskin Festival has an organizational committee. In addition to Moose Lodge members, the Fawnskin Mayor, and a KBHR representative, one of the committee members is an insurance agent. Contrary to the reasons given for the park closure this am, the event is insured. Which brings me to the question, is the Fawn Park insured? Hmm, especially with those workout stations…

More to the point, most of the locals attending the Fawnskin Festival forked over money to support The Fawn Park Corporation. I believe the closure today goes under the heading of Bad Behavior.

I had a local tell me he looked up Fawn Park and said it is a 501(c)3. However I did not find it. What I did find was the name of the actual corporation on the Secretary of State’s website. Anyone want to help me out by giving me the NP number and listing of officers?

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