Frogs, Frogs, Frogs

Have you seen all the little froggies hopping around the valley? They like the water, so do I. When I first moved up here we had thunderstorms like this. Cool. Just don’t like all those lightening strikes.

I tried blogging yesterday but the post somehow got lost and I got busy working on radio ads and other projects. The big news Saturday night was the high speed chase in the village. It wasn’t posted in the booking log but everyone had some cheap entertainment watching the pursuit. Fortunately, the guy missed taking out cars on his made dash around one of the curves.

Yesterday visitors complained that Big Bear is too commercial with all the franchises, which happens to be my opinion too. Who wants to go to a place that has all the same things they have where they live?

What everyone has liked is the cool weather. Down the hill temperatures have been 108 to 115 degrees in places it normally doesn’t get so hot. San Diegans and residents from neighboring communities of Yucaipa and surrounding areas are enjoying the wet weather and cooler temps. Yep, we like it here!

I heard scuttlebutt about Mark (Fawnskin Market) targeting an opening in a few weeks. I have not been out and about but hope to cruise around tomorrow. If you have any news, let me know.

Recently we’ve been into BBQ. If you have not tried Blondie’s new BBQ menu be sure to drop by. Yum! B’s Backyard BBQ has a few good items. Still morphing into what it is going to be.

Remember those dead birds? Well, San Bernardino (Lake Arrowhead) had the first dead bird identified with West Nile Virus. Riverside had one location where a mosquito pool had the virus. So, I’ll have a spot with tips but check out the CDC “Fight the Bite” campaign and be sure to remove stagnant pools around your property. This means raingutters and other collection areas…

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