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Hello there. I am still out of town. I did marathon training days and then called my brother to find out his take on the fire situation. My brother is a California Department of Forestry Fire Captain and has been in his field for something like 25 years. Anyway, he said to wait to return until the weather changes for a variety of reasons…and I thought it was a good idea to take his advice and have a vacation.

I am glad to see that the fire was 70% contained and hope the weather holds and things go well. In recent discussions many people have expressed the urge to remain no matter what. Some comments over other concerns related to additional complications included the concern over the threat of arson, heat issues, oxygen deprivation, and smoke inhalation. As someone with a past history of asthsma, one of the reasons I don’t hang around is because clean air is essential for me.

Anyway, the holiday began as I ventured into Forest Falls after a session with a new client in the area and used the visit to hook up with acquaintance and wildlife artist Linsey Foggett. She is getting ready to embark on another wildlife expedition with a smashing group of wildlife artisans in conjunction with Smithsonian and other notable agencies who support the conservation of the arboreal forest.

President Bush is increasingly more unpopular and I’ve been getting an earful. It started over concern over the impact it has had on our fire fighting capability (or lack of due to personnel shortages). As more and more locals criticize his cuts I find that more people are quoting the Daily Show Comments that are making the rounds.

Here is the a collection of questions you might find amusing. This is another popular summary on his words but the big conversation starter this week is the debate of statements from Governor Bush compared to President Bush. Things that make you go home.

Anyway, in between such dialogs I managed to drop by and visit my colleague Lori Agon of Mannered Mutts. We had laughs with her childhood friends and a late dinner before I headed down via Hwy 79. So, here I am in San Diego County.

Before we hit the beach we had breakfast at my old hangout the
Hillstreet Coffee House. I found it just after it opened and now it is a real hot spot. Read more in
this article.

Today I am participating in my teleseminar class and probably having a day full of movies on the BIG screen and surround sound. I believe I’ll be back on Wednesday. See you then!

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