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Okay, first quit participating in the media frenzy. Always looking for sensationalism this is not helping circulate accurate information. Here is what is going on in town:

The East end areas of Onyx Summit and Lake Williams have been asked to voluntarily relocate. The intention is to light a back fire (if they have not already–I am out in the field). In the meantime, fire retardant is being dumped to help protect the communication towers in the area. This precaution is intended to protect human lives; yours and theirs.

If you think fire is emminent please make arrangements to evacuate and don’t show false bravado. It puts rescue personnel at risk. If you are asked to evacuate, take important papers and a few vital belongings and leave the area. Don’t move into the next mountain community as it taxes the resources and only blocks roads.

For those of you refusing to realize the danger, I’ve worked in the aftermath of disasters. So, rescue agencies will ask you to give them you next of kin information if you refuse to leave. Yes, fire is serious. Not only the fire, but the heat and smoke factor. Many deaths are related to smoke inhalation not necessarily fire. If you stay if ordered to evacuate, you might only be identified via dental records.

So that is my opinion. In the meantime, keep your ears open to the news. I will be working off the hill the next two days. If evacuated, I’ll be in San Diego. Keep calm, keep cool and get the facts. Don’t perpetuate panic–use the links below.

Finally, find places for your animals and pals. Plan on being without electricity and if you are without fuel…I mentioned before…go get some. Get enough to get down the hill but don’t be hogs so everyone can get out if needed.

Crews from Kern County were seen this am and the Red Cross is currently located at Big Bear Elementary School near the village.

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