Shots Fired in Fawnskin

Just some quick updates:

The Moose Lodge bake sale raised over $700 last night. Thanks to all who participated.

I did get the final number on the MS Walk: $75, 087.16. Groovy! This tops last year’s monies collected by over $25,000. Again, the Moose Lodge team came in 7th out of all the walks throughout southern California.

If you have not made it down to see the new carpeting and flooring at the Moose Lodge, stop by. It looks really, really nice. The walls and ceiling are targeted for clean up next. Great job on the part of all the volunteers.

The BBQ was fabulous as always. Don’t miss the next one scheduled for July 29th on the same day as the Doo Dah Parade and the Fawnskin Festival. Come hungry. They usually start to serve between 3 and 4pm.

This am lots of locals turned up for breakfast at the Moose. I got to meet more neighbors and got invited to (yet another) BBQ tomorrow. Sorry, I can’t tell you who is throwing it but I imagine the other local neighbors will crash the bash anyway. Seems to be the way of the township. People laugh when I say we are just like one big dysfunctional family—but it is true.

Town was busy this am but not bustling as it has been. Yesterday, the NS Café was swamped in waves. Locals managed to grab coffee before the crowds and we managed to get a table in between the breakfast and lunch crowd. I worked at the yard sale for most of the day and visitors dropped by in waves there, too. Today it seems quiet here on the South Shore but we shall see–it is still early.

Fawnskin is always hopping and that is usually followed by chatter. Following that tradition, quite a buzz started last night when one local business associate showed up at the Moose BBQ. Everyone wanted to know why he was not working. He replied that it was slow. The appearance and choice to eat at the BBQ catalyzed concern and started some scuttlebutt because he turned up at the lodge during prime time business hours.

Shots were fired in Fawnskin early this am. I heard three around 4am but couldn’t tell where they originated. Neighbor Ernie said that they were actually in the property adjacent to his new place. There are complaints about this group as they appear to be affiliated with the squatters who were finally evicted from the main drag. If you see anything suspicious or in violation of the county code PLEASE call the sheriff immediately. You can also call Doug down at code enforcement.

Questions as to why Captain John’s sign is covered with a tarp dominated the conversation today. The answer? Too many people were driving down the private driveway and the homeowner actually had someone get stuck down there with a boat. So, they temporarily covered the sign to prevent more escapades of the same sort.

Okay, that is all for now. Hope to see you tomorrow night and Tuesday!

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