The B’s Have It

Today I managed to glimpse our local bald eagle. Big Bear Bald Eagle or the Big Bear Bald Bird. Anyway, the juvenile, who has decided to reside here permanently, is maturing nicely. He still looks a little ratty but the white of the mature bird is coming in nicely. Younger Bald Eagles resemble Golden Eagles until they begin to mottle and then the white begins to fill in on their heads and tails.

Speaking of better Big Bear business practices, it always amazes me how profusely people thank me when I call them back. Hmm, I am in business so calling potential clients back is a good idea and it always amazes me that many businesses don’t call people back and don’t show up for appointments. Good business habits don’t seem to be common throughout the valley.

I’ve experienced non-responses myself and heard complaints from those attempting to contact key commerce representative groups, too. Today I heard that one of the local businesses decided not to open as scheduled yesterday. The scuttlebutt is rampant and hits the cord in locals who don’t appreciate lax business practices. Most people understand emergencies and other such challenges but just deciding to open late, close early, or not open at all creates aversion to conducting business with many local entities.

I remember one such business (now defunct) I attempted to support. They made it difficult to do business. First, they never had what I wanted nor were they excited about bringing it in. They also never had change in their cash register or the capacity to accept particular credit cards.

Finally, on my fourth attempt (usually I bail at the second, and if they are lucky, the third try) I informed the clerk that I would no longer attempt to do business with them because they made it a chore and an unpleasant experience. Others must have experienced the same challenges because the establishment went under within six months after. Locals tend to bail on bad news businesses.

Which brings me to my experience last night and an example of a savvy establishment. I went out to dinner with a few pals to a local haunt. Two of our meals were served up incorrectly, and then once past that hurdle, the fish was not completely cooked.

We took it in stride and the restaurant offered to redo our meals—which we really didn’t want by this time. The end result is that they gave us coupons for another meal. The shift manager said that she appreciated that we weren’t rude and explained that they really wanted us to come back.

In all the times we have eaten there, this is the first mistake the place has made BUT they completely understand the concept of good business practices. The gesture and genuine concern over us, stating that they wanted us to come back, and expressing that we were important to them washed the incident clear immediately. To me that is good business sense but many seem to forget about that.

Anyway, my ultimate point is that good buzz or bad buzz makes its way through the valley quickly. Strive for the good.

Give Me Some Sugar
Some of you saw me walking my pit bull pal “Sugar” this morning. Karin has to go in for a surgical procedure today so I’ll be tormenting her dog for her until I fly out on Sunday. I probably will be out with Sugar again next week when I return. If you live close by, give Karin a jingle to see if she needs anything.

Leaving on a Jet Plane
I’ll be in Cincinnati for a couple of days on animal related business. Iams and the Cincinnati Zoo will comprise two of my stops. Stay tuned, rumor has it that I may have the opportunity to be on NPR (National Public Radio), too.

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