You Betcha!

I hope you had a good holiday. I’ve been exhausted and was happy to spend most of the 4th at home immersed in some marketing tasks and catching up on those chores I haven’t had the time to get to.

I did venture out after 5pm and braved the crowds setting up around the lake in anticipation of the fireworks to get to Bear City for an annual BBQ–and the wedding of Chuck and Cheryl.

Chuck is well known around town since he has been in business up here for about 30 years or so. Cheryl is a recent transplant…golf aficionado and event planner extraordinaire. In between working on their businesses and the Big Bear Beauty Pageant, they somehow planned an event that went on without a hitch.

They had a strong tent, which was a good idea since a storm seemed eminent, a big bounce for the kids, and lots of snacks. The crowd was very well behaved and helpful. All kinds of locals spent time visiting while new acquaintances introduced each other.

After dinner, everyone got up and began moving their chairs over to the area set up for the wedding. As the light disappeared we all seemed to realized that there wouldn’t be any light and so some of us moved to get the luminaries onto the wedding platform. Two astute locals grabbed their vehicles and turned on their headlights to provide ample light for the ceremony.

Soon the processional appeared—in time to “Love will build a bridge.” Cheryl wore a glittering red gown while Chuck sported a white shirt and stunning black shorts. Family shook bells strategically placed on red, white and blue starred wands. When the Pastor Bill asked Chuck if he would take Cheryl as his wife, Chuck answered, “You betcha.”

Anyway, the heartfelt and joyful ceremony ended as the fireworks began in the distance. It was a lovely time for all those who attended and will certainly be one of my more memorable 4th of July celebrations.

During the trip back, I realized why I rarely venture out during the holidays and thankful that I lived on the West end in Fawnskin. Bumper to bumper traffic headed to the East side of the valley. My worst challenge was the boat being towed in front of me—which fortunately turned off the main road near Serrano Campground.

Anyway, I’ll be glad to venture out tomorrow without having to face the multitudes of visitors and am sure you will be too!

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