Bad Business Behavior

Sometimes you have an intuitive sense of something but have to wait to find proof. Someone I know purchased a service business up here last year and I understood that the person selling her the business was not to compete against the purchaser up here. Well, I just found out that the seller IS doing just that. That lacks integrity…

Vintage Shirley
My neighbor shared a couple of receipe cards with me this week. They were produced in 1984 by the Ralphs grocery store chain. Ever wonder where those Big Bear meatballs came from? Maybe Shirley Jones is responsible since one of the cards contains a receipe for meatballs! They also contain a picture of the very young actress and singer.

What’s Cookin?
On that note Fawnskin needs another cookbook. I mentioned it as a fundraising idea for the Moose Lodge last year but nothing as come of it. If you have a great receipe maybe we should start sharing them online.

Fawnskin Historian Surfaces
Speaking of online, I found someone who has an extensive history of Fawnskin. We discussed a regular contribution about Fawnskin history for this Flyer. I think you would find it of interest since we renegades and independent thinkers living in the area have _always_ seemed to be stirring up things.

Fire Station 49
If you are wondering about the “extreme makeover” idea I pitched earlier this year, I am waiting on Fireman Joey to get me the list. Also, Fire Station 49 may be allocated additional funds so I was asked to sit tight a bit longer until something is determined.

I’ve been on the South Shore a lot this week. Let me know if you have anything entertaining to share. Hopefully I’ll get into town this week for the scoop.

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