Beastly Behavior & Birthday Bash

I’ve been out and about again. When I am swamped the flyer doesn’t get updated as often and I feel like I am out of the loop.

My man and I had a great time at the Concert on the Green held at the Inn at Fawnskin. The tribute to Bonnie Raitt by local vocalist Nancy Celeste Walker was to benefit the Friends of the Moonridge Zoo. The tiny zoo is going to move into the Fawnskin area. I got a chance to catch up with old pal Don Richardson (head of the zoo and someone I worked with at LA Zoo back in the early 1980’s). Nancy has a lovely voice and it was great to get together locally for such a great event.

The turnout for the Fawnskin Chamber of Commerce presentation by Sun & Wind Power was attended by twenty-some-odd people. I believe that solar and wind energy options will greatly increase in response to the temperature changes and increased fuel costs. It is long overdue.

My revised manuscript was shipped out to the publisher yesterday so that is one more thing off my plate. Now I get to work with the project editor assigned to the work. It is a never ending process. Billy, when you read this call me. I need a quote related to the website.

Last night I am sure you heard the birthday bash music. I’ll have to fill you in when I get back into town later this afternoon. Reggae and other music filled the air and reminds me of just how many people visit this area for vacation and just how lucky we are to live here.

Under beastly behavior…have you noticed the naughty neighbors with dogs that bark incessantly? I know of at least three that are going to get in trouble if they don’t use some consideration for their neighbors.

On that note, the heat seems to be bothering a bunch of people. On the way home yesterday someone actually flipped me off…or maybe they were waving and I misinterpreted it. Fawnskin folk usually get right in your face so I was surprised. I know the person driving has been under a lot of stress but that is still no excuse for bad behavior.

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