Fawnskin Entertainment

Here in Fawnskin entertainment comes from local life…

Reggae Remnant
Remember that I mentioned the Reggae party? It was indeed held at Captain John’s. Patrick, if you are reading this, your eyeglasses are down at the Marina in the office. Drop by or give them a jingle since they don’t know how to get in touch with you.

Marina Madness
Okay, the story about the brawl…apparently an older visitor to Fawn Harbor was playing with his dog, tossing a pinecone for him to fetch. The canine decided to take it to our local resident of Irish heritage, dropped it, and began barking at him. Our FR (Fawnskin resident) began attempting to kick the dog and that is when the altercation began. The dog owner protested and a fight ensued. The Sheriff’s Department was called but only after the incident. Witnesses were asked why they didn’t intervene since the local pummeled the elderly man.

Fawnskin Fashion
This one is going to make you crack up. During a recent traffic stop a local CHP was surprised to find that the gender of the driver was actually a male. Apparently the attire worn by the driver included prosthetic breasts and female garb—including a very short skirt. The guy’s wig was on the passenger seat. Since it is a bit too early for Halloween, if anyone does decide to cross dress, make sure you change before returning to the Big Bear Valley. If not, either keep your attire completely intact until you arrive home—or better yet, make sure you are not breaking any traffic laws or that you vehicle does not have any violations such as a broken tail light.

Three is the Magic Number
I mentioned that Big Bear Magazine spawned two other publications. This is incorrect; Barbara (the publisher of Big Bear Magazine) says it is actually three. The third is Coronado Magazine. Good things are up at the magazine. Comment below if there are any particular things you would like to see in the regional publication.

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