Fawnskin Felony

Well, you might have missed me but obviously you have been thinking about me. Just when I thought things were quiet…I got an email tonight with booking information on one of our locals. Click to the right on the booking log to take a gander on the arrest made on August 2nd. Felony charges concern a weapon and then the misdemeaner concerns a “controlled substance.”

On the quieter front, my neighbor called to confirm that his contractors were actually doing the job they were supposed to. Good thing they were…there has been a non licensed contractor serving the area. Just a reminder that you should hire a licensed person to avoid incomplete jobs and sloppy work. At least with some of the licensed guys there is recourse should you have trouble. I’ve heard a number of stories around town so check references and licenses.

I’ve been busy with edits to my manuscript. My editor had my book for over three months and now suggested some cuts. So in between my hectic schedule I am editing. Sheesh!

Just a reminder that the Caltrans work is underway on Hwy 330. It would be a good idea to check the Caltrans website or KBHR before heading out on any trips.

Unfortunately I will miss the Old Miner’s Day parade but I am hoping to catch the psychic car wash down in Running Springs this weekend. I have some business pals down there that I want to support and it sounds like a hoot.

I’ll be training down the hill tomorrow but hope to see you all soon!

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