Fawnskin Flyer Emailed Comments

Thanks for your recent comments. I thought I would post these:

From Chris
Comments: Do you happen to have a copy of the Fawnskin song
-- the one that was printed on free brochures in Fawn Park?

No, I don’t. I believe a version is posted at the Fawn Park
but the anthem has not been sanctioned by the community
(to my knowledge) and is not distributed in town. If
anyone in the readership has it, please post it or
email to the Flyer and I’ll post it for you.

From Kat
Comments: I so appreciate your flyer...its the only way I feel
I can keep abreast with the latest Fawnskin information
(weekender that I am). If I miss or skip reading your flyer,
I often find out that I missed out on a fun picnic, or town event.

Case in point..the Friends of Fawnskin picnic (Captain Johns)
---I read about it(after) in the Flyer...but got no word on
it anywhere else in town. Hubby and I would have LOVED to
attend and find out about the Friends of Fawnskin (their
website never updates) and have been interested in joining
-would have been a great opportunity,but we saw/heard
nothing about it until I read it in your flyer too late.

Sorry you missed it. I
only publish the print version on a monthly basis now.
It usually lists all the events for the month. The next
issue will be out at the end of this week. The goal
is to get this online blog to be a community communications
avenue so that everyone can get the scoop. I’ve been
attempting to get residents to participate but being
a “gossip rag” tends to intimidate a few…it has
taken a year to instill trust and confidence in this
little rag. Hopefully it will become a good resource
for everyone.

This is just ONE of several things we have missed out on, 
due to no info posted in town,(Reggae party? What Reggae party?)
or mailings or similar. Are most of the social Fawnskin
happenings just word of mouth kinda stuff?

Yes, most of the events
are word of mouth but are sometimes posted around town
in the business windows or on the community board next
to the market. I have to actually dig to get the
information. Sometimes I am lucky and a few send
something in or stop me in town to tell me to
include an event or happening.

The reggae party was a private event and not open to
the public. (But that never stops anyone in Fawnskin…)

We are trying to become more active in the Fawnskin 
community, but find this kinda frustrating--at least for
us. We want to find more intimate events where we can
really mingle with Fawnskinners. The Nugget & Moose
only appeal so much....

If you are ever up on
the second Monday be sure to attend the North Shore
Improvement Association since that is where homeowners
and full-time residents get together and update each other.

Otherwise, Sunday am at the Moose for breakfast is a
good place to get the scoop on happenings. NS Cafe is
another hot spot. Check the board and ask around.
Also, be sure you have memberships in the organizations
so that you can at least get information when it is
sent out.

Without your flyer, I would miss out on so much
...at least a THANK YOU should go your way. Anyway,
let me know if there is some type of town posting
for local gigs, and how I get on a town mailing
for local events, socials, gatherings, local updates
on development, etc.

Thanks again...at least I've got the Flyer

Thanks for your kind
words. Join the local organizations. The town is quaint
and small so we neighbors mostly just pass the word
between each other the old fashioned way…we actually
chat between our disagreements…I call it the big
disfunctional family…

Speaking of chatting and news, there is a
garden party at 10am
this Wednesday at the Fawnskin Post Office.

Stop by and make a fuss over the fine job the garden
volunteers have been doing to beautify the Post Office
and Triangle.

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One Response to “Fawnskin Flyer Emailed Comments

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    Nancy Mearse
    September 10th, 2006 19:04

    Did anyone happen to note the Evan Conroy/Alex Castillo Golf tournament? It seemed like a huge success. Captain John’s team, consisited of the California Highway Patrol, they came in 7 under par! Captain John and the Office staff would like to thank the CHP for putting up with Nancy the office MGR. and for donating blood on an emergency basis to one of our employees kids.
    If you like golf pictures, let me know.