Fawnskin Frenzy

There has been a flurry of interesting activities around town. I hope I can remember all of them!

Moose Lodge 2085
The Moose Lodge was packed for their annual luau. Each year this potluck gets better and better. Music and frivolity filled the place. My vote for best dish is for Randy & Jerry’s pork which was rubbed and then simmered for six hours on the barbeque. Many people remarked that they liked Bernie’s boobs…don’t get carried away they were referring to these rounded desserts.

Mayor Emily received the distinguished award for Woman of the Year from the Moose Lodge. This is in recognition for not only her valued volunteer work at the Moose Lodge and for Women of the Moose but also for her community service work. Emily Parker currently serves as Honorary Mayor of Fawnskin and was instrumental in the Fawnskin Festival and other activities around town. It is always great to see her smiling face. Congratulations!

In other Moose news, Cindy Nichols and Ronnie Shanahan took first place in the horseshoe tournament. The trophy sits proudly in the new display case at the lodge. For those of you who have not been in lately, the place has been completely redone. New carpeting, new paint, no smoking, and some adjustments to the arrangement make it a great family place.

Murmurs of Protest
The Fawn Park remains closed, however this is not stopping the public from entering the place. A few visitors were seen ambling around today. Last night speculation over the need to picket in protest was one of the hot topics. Many residents who donated to the park are increasingly unhappy about the park closure. One resident insisted that the park was given to the community. Unfortunately this is not the case. If you scroll down or check the August archives you can see what the real story is. I am going to make a few phone calls to see what other dirt I can dig up about this.

Fawnskin Market
Another phone call is needed to get you an update on the Fawnskin Market, which still remains closed. Additional inventory has been added but this is scant. I’ll give you the story when I get it.

For those of you wondering about the noise off the lake last night…it was a party at Gene and Glenna’s house. Anytime you heard karaoke and music it is probably them. They have a built in speaker system for the outside of their home. It’s the place on the lake that is listed for just under 3 mill.

Cougar Craze
Reports that a male cougar was in residence again have come in. The cat was sighted on Brookside below Bruin Trail several times. I keep wondering if the bear and cat have an arrangement, as they both seem to come into town around the same time.

Anyway, the squirrels and coyotes are ambling around so I wouldn’t be to worried at the moment. Both animals have been seen during the day. The bear is getting into the trash so keep your cans in unless it is pickup day (for those of you who have service).

Since we no longer have street lighting please use caution as wildlife is usually more comfortable meandering through town in the cover of darkness. For a refresher on mountain lion tips visit the archives of September 2005 when the cat was first seen in town.

Cougars regularly travel throughout their range and are creatures of habit. I suspect that this cat is one of the males in the area as they have a larger territory.

Locals are spreading the rumor that the cat is “180 pounds” based on speculation. My experience puts them at 150 tops—although references vary. I use the Walkers Encyclopedia of Animals to check my facts, which places the weight slightly above my guesstimate.

If you sight the mountain lion please report it:
Emergency Animal Control
(800) 472-5609
Fish & Game’s Kevin Brennen
(951) 659-2468
Fish & Game Upland Office
(909) 484-0167
Forestry Biologist Robin
(909) 866-3437 x2832
Sheriff (909) 866-0100

Here are some links with facts, pug marks, and photos:

Subspecies Cougar Listing

Links and interview excerpts on urban cougars.

Missouri Cougar Reference Page

Montana Cougar Reference Page

Avian Flu
Last week I heard a snippet regarding Avian Flu. This is what I found and there are some links to the World Health Organization sites as well.

What I heard, “Routine surveillance by the Departments of Interior and Agriculture has indicated the presence of H5 and N1 avian influenza subtypes in samples from two wild mute swans in Michigan, but testing has ruled out the possibility of this being the highly pathogenic H5N1 strain that has spread through birds in Asia, Europe and Africa. Test results thus far indicate this is low pathogenicity avian influenza, which poses no threat to human health.”

Bad Behavior
I know, I know, you’ve been waiting for more stuff in bad behavior.

This week “dog man” got snippy with our firemen from Station 49. The boys escorted some women home because they were surrounded by his pack of five animals and did not feel safe.

Okay, here is the drill. There IS a leash law and limits to how many dogs you can own. The yard is a potential health hazard due to debris such as old bones and other carnage. This is not the first incident where the dogs have intimidated people, nor is it the first incident where “dog man” has exhibited poor behavior towards neighbors and residents.

Questions for you: Why does he keep slipping through the cracks? Why is fencing not up to confine the dogs? Do you have other questions like these? If so, call animal control and the sheriff and inquiry. Doug at code enforcement might be able to help on the health hazard concern. This reminds me of the same continual problem patterns exhibited by contractors…but I digress.

Another local resident was reported as being involved in an incident down at Captain John’s Marina. Was he the victim of bad behavior or did he exhibit bad behavior? I don’t have the full story yet but that Irish blood sometimes gets him into trouble. The issue was allegedly over an unleashed dog…Do you think that we need our own animal control department here in Fawnskin?

Finally, thanks for all the emails. I want to remind you that you can POST your comments below each day’s entry. Just sign up for a free account. I may change the settings so anyone may post but I hate the spam bots that take over.

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