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Okay, I’ve been pretty amused by all the smart mouthed comments posted by the readership. I am glad that you are posting. If I’ve held your comment back it is because it needs to be cleaned up. I’ll post it with an edit or two shortly.

If you check the Flyer regularly, the comments are below under the Ground Zero and New Biz posts.

Anyway, the request for what businesses you would like to see is a serious request. A franchise does not seem to be a viable option due to lack of residency and traffic potential…and anyway why would you want to compete with Eric’s recently opened “Down N Out” burgers in Big Bear City?

From my perspective I’d like to see the town refurbished so that some of the empty buildings are spruced up. We still have some clean up projects underway.

The idea for a Creekside Coffee House was a good one. We don’t actually have a coffee house around town that serves a proper drink in REAL mugs or that offers the ecclectic goodies…I really miss Berkeley sometimes!

I think the valley needs a real bakery. Although many of us would love a artisan’s bakery just having somebody who does great breads and desserts or custom cakes would be a hot commodity.

A few years ago a pal and I listed the businesses we wanted to see. These included a whole foods market, a vitamin shop, art center that offerred classes and a couple of others. Low and behold…guess what the valley has now.

Anyway, Fawnskin has the perfect area to offer artisan fairs, music venues and other such activities. It would be great to create a draw by organizing regular venues such as those.

Speaking of that, don’t forget that the community picnic is tonight at 4pm. I’ll see you at Captain John’s for the frivolity.

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