Fawnskin’s Critter Crimes

Postmaster Cynthia reports that there has been a bunch of critter crimes in the area recently. The culprits are squirrels of all types. The rascally rodents are damaging the insultation around engines to build nexts and cache their store of nuts and assorted squirrel snacks. Even those residents who drive regularly (daily) have not been immune to the crime wave. Take a few extra minutes to inspect under the hood as the dry foliage is a fire hazard. Also check for leakage under the carriage since any chewing could damage some of the vital lines for fuel, oil, etc.

True Victory Claimed by Friends of Fawnskin
The Northshore Improvement Association held the monthly community potluck last night down at Captain John’s (who was noticably absent). Town announcements were many. I was happy to inform everyone that the Fawnskin Flyer survived its first year anniversary and that nobody affiliated with it has been jailed.

The big Friends of Fawnskin announcement was that yesterday the appeal by the defendents was denied so the victory over the violations related to the lakeshore development is truly a victory. Congratulations to all those who volunteered their time, talent, and tithes to the cause.

Teasing over Mayor Emily’s picking of the winning tickets for the Friends of Fawnskin monies is ongoing. For those of you not in the loop, her husband Wayne was the big winner.

Finally, the Friends of Fawnskin will be holding their annual fundraising yard sale on the Triangle in downtown Fawnskin on September 2, 2006. Gather together any of those goods you need to get rid of and drop them off. Don’t forget to bring your case so you can circulate it for someone’s goods while you are there!

Music in the Big Bear Zoo
The Moonridge Zoo reminds everyone to attend their upcoming music in the zoo on August 19, 2006. The early evening event starts at 5:30pm and should be enjoyable. On August 26th don’t miss the Native American Art Show…same location…just click the link and scroll down the page for more information.

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