Imprisonment in Fawnskin

Fawnskin residents and visitors alike have been seen gazing longingly over the perimeter fences of the pristine Fawn Park ever since the gates were closed on July 30th. The place looks pretty good with the current blooms and manicured landscaping.

Since the closure, people have regularly removed the gates to access the little park once reported as being established for the community of Fawnskin to enjoy. Now only the imprisoned solitary sentries (movie props) enjoy the little place that some locals have now dubbed as “Marty’s Playground.”

The new “closed” signs have been riveted into the gate slats to prevent unauthorized access. In response to the closure, rumors that the park is going to be sold have been circulating around town. I am sure we will hear about it if this is true.

In the meantime, a reader pointed out that the stated purpose of the corporation filed is (taken from the tax form) “The organization leased a half acre parcel and developed the property into a community park that would otherwise have been developed commercially…” and under ‘The primary exempt purpose of the corporation’ in the tax filing paperwork states, “To develop and maintain parkland in the community of Fawnskin, California.”

Mountain Peeves: Strollers
On the Mountain Peeves side of things let’s talk about stroller wars. Forget about terrorist activities at airports, what about those on our sidewalks and local stores? Monstrous contraptions seem to be a reenactment of the parting of the Red Sea as they plunge through the narrow pathways oblivious to others using the same territory. Is there a reason they are not regulated along with bicycles, skateboards, or vehicles? Do we need a stroller squad?

What some observers have asked is…why would you push a child into oncoming traffic before you venture into a street? It this a secret joke by manufacturers to instill terror in young children or a secret strategy to put an early end to youngsters who might hit reproductive age in the next twelve or so years? What happened to nestling a child next to the warmth of a mother’s body?

People seem to be oblivious to others and push these monster vehicles laden with everything a family MIGHT need on their outing through the crowds. They block entry to stores, preventing others from sitting, or from even viewing window displays. Some enter stores without asking if it is okay, blocking aisles and preventing normal traffic flow.

Then there is the blatant disregard for other shoppers and shopkeepers. One stroller ensemble blocked the entrance to a shop while the parents left the child alone to browse and prevented others from entry with the stroller placed safely inside the establishment. The shopkeeper had to ask them to move the stroller away from the door so buyers could actually come in.

As time has passed I’ve seen us move from concern for the masses to inconsideration for everyone. Strollers are just one symptom of this disturbing tend. Today people have to be asked to keep their children from running around restaurants, told to turn off their cell phones or not talk on them during a movie or church service, or other such violations. In the past, consideration of others was common sense and common courtesy. It was also a regular habit to say excuse me when walking in front of someone or interrupting a conversation to ask a question.

So, this is a call for the formation of a stroller squad! Or at least call attention to bad behavior such when you see it as ignoring it does not do anyone any good.

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