Today I took an amble for the first time in weeks. I was supposed to head down the hill but plans changed unexpectedly. To say I am tired is an understatement so sticking around home is good.

I caught up with a few neighbors who reported that the Friday nights at the Discovery Center are awesome. the Reggae group that played this weekend was reported as stellar and the crowd of a hundred or so danced and danced.

Doug reported that the fundraiser for the hospital went very well. He enjoyed listening to the skits and to Reunion. The ‘afterglow’ was reported to be a great addition to the festivities.

In town, the parade of antique cars during the annual “Fun Run” received lots of cheering and admiration as they drove down the highway. I managed to get a glimpse of quite a few of them from my deck.

Which is worse? The bugs or the sticky spiderwebs…I managed to clear out some of the archnid artwork. I appreciate that they are managing the bugs but there comes a point when they get to be too much. They encapsulated my artistic hummingbird and a few other inanimate objects but the place could have been entered in a haunted house competition!

Jim and Janet of Northshore Trading Company just returned from an outdoor retailers exposition in Salt Lake. The big news is that not only are they carrying Woolrich, but they now will also be distributors of Patagonia. Stop by to get the whole scoop. It was a great trip from the little I could glean.

Okay, I have to get back to work on my websites. I am getting ready to launch marketing efforts on the new book and instigate additional attention to my last one.

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