Crime Wave & Bark Beetles

This was emailed to me today. I have heard that there have been attempted break-ins throughout the valley and wrote about the problem shortly after the street lights were turned off. This particular incident occurred on Mohawk:

“We had an attempted break-in at our cabin. Please inform neighbors that there are some bad people cruising the neighborhood, trying to get into homes. “

I noticed that the big pine across the street from the post office was infested with Bark Beetles. The same resident said,

“…two of our lovely pines are infested with Bark Beetles, and must come down. Please let the neighborhood know how important it is to have their trees checked and sprayed early, or they too could become victims of the Bark Beetle (nasty nasty bug). We immediately brought an Arborist and he informed us of the sad news. We will do the right thing to help our community fight this problem, by removing our infected trees immediately.”

Tree removal is expensive but I did hear that there are some programs to help. If you have any information on this, please send it in so I can post it.


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One Response to “Crime Wave & Bark Beetles

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    MIddle Aged Matron
    September 13th, 2006 08:45

    On this subject, we were walking the dogs early this morning when we disturbed some people sleeping rough in the front yard of an empty house. They ran back into the bushes leaving their blankets under the trees. Keep an eye on the empty properties in your neighbourhood and maybe ask the sheriff for an additional drive-by in the evenings.