Faux Fireman

Over the past several weeks I have heard some disturbing scuttlebutt. Some valley residents mistakenly think that the Fawnskin Fire Department is no longer serving their area. This is not true. What has happened is that some well-meaning citizens in the Baldwin Lake area have launched a volunteer fire department.

I am on my way over for a gander–but apparently they have their own truck and a building. The concern is that these volunteers have not been professionally trained and are not working with area agencies. This sanctioning and training is vital, not only to the safety of those volunteers, but to the community at large.

It is my understanding that part of the reason that this group started is because it takes a while for local agencies to arrive and address issues in outlying areas. If you know of this group or are a member, please take a moment to fill us in.

Captain John’s
Bear Valley News recently received a letter to the editor concerning Captain John’s. It was emailed to me and says:

Aug. 18th
Dear Captain John’s:
Just a note of thanks for your effort and honesty in returning our son’s wallet and his hard earned camp cash.

He will be spending another 2 weeks in Running Springs and is looking forward to the excitement of rowing once again at Captain John’s.

From the parents of Elisha Brenton,
Tamara & Mike Brenton
Anaheim, CA

We don’t always hear the good news. Did you know that Camp Whittle and Captain John’s go out of their way to help disadvantaged or low income kids attend camp? They offer low fee or no fee services just so the kids can have a camp experience. Thanks guys, this is really why we love this town.

Where is that smart a** posting?
For those of you still waiting for my smart a** posting. Community leaders have advised me against it. They report negative experiences and excessive communication by the park owner. In this light, I believe I need to post it since I believe in freedom of speech as you might have read in the First Amendment Issue (Volume II Issue 1 in the January Archives) . The commentary is based on facts–so stay tuned.

On that note, watch and listen to this great commentary by Keith Olbermann sent in by a Bear City resident. Once there, click on the “Feeling Morally, Intellectually Confused?” link where it says “Free Video.”

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