Fawnskin Parks

There were a couple of comments related to the privately owned, Fawn Park. Just to clarify…we have several park areas in Fawnskin.

Fawn Harbor sports a park of sorts with picnic tables and access to the marina. Come to think of it, I believe that is also called, Fawn Park! I’ll need to take a gander on my way home after dog-training tonight.

Miller Park is a lovely park with tennis courts, a cushioned play area for kids, and a lovely green, along with picnic tables. It sits behind the Old Miller School House and the parking lot is scheduled to receive nice new asphalt in the parking area.

The Don Conroy Memorial Park is located behind the Moose Lodge 2085 and is being upgraded for community use. For the person who made the comment on fixing up a local area, I’d recommend putting any funds toward that project. The Lodge is always helping community members. They don’t talk much about it, they just do it, which is one of the reasons I love the place so much.

We also have Grout Bay, a public access area open to public use. Many people fish around there. Am I missing any?

So, the privately owned place is a nice addition to the little town. It spruces up the place nicely but the general concensus is that the town doesn’t want any drama, no name calling or other bad behavior.

Use the parks and enjoy them!

For the person who commented on the vagrants. Please email me with the location and address. I’ve spotted a van and suspect someone is living in it or the pressboard shelter below it. It would be best to have law officials check this out and get them directed to somewhere they can get some help.

Mayor Challenge
To the person who challenged me on my platform:

First, the race is a lark and not an official political office. My understanding is that it serves no function other than to raise funds for Fawnskin and to raise public awareness of the community. Those of us running “against” each other actually have the same goal of raising as much money as we can for the community.

Having said that, I think one of the first things to do is free the imprisioned “Fawnskin Five.” The poor Fawn Park sentries are so lonely since the park has been closed for about six weeks now. By the way, where is all the media coverage on this? There certainly was a bunch concerning the opening, upgrade, and other activities there…”Things that make you go, hmmm.”

Second, I’d like to “open the borders” and provide temporary resident visas to visitors and other valley residents that secretly would love to claim residency. I’ll need to set a minimum donation to NSIA on this matter and issue some sort of unofficial card.

Third, on a serious note I’d really like to see our Fire Station 49 get the new equipment and upgrades it needs. This is not a little project but a seriously important one, not just to Fawnskin but also for all the surround neighborhoods served by our firefighters. I hope other valley residents will want to pitch in funds, ideas, or contacts in order to make this happen.

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