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The September community potluck of the North Shore Improvement Association was lightly attended but filled with jovial behavior as usual. This was the last potluck at Captain John’s Marina. The October potluck will be held at Miller Park.

Speaking of Miller Park…it is true that the parking lot will be paved. NSIA does not know exactly when–but it is official and scheduled to take place this month.

The nominating committee for the NSIA board was selected. If you are interested in serving as a board member throw in your hat. Jim Mcgill, Steve Cawsey, Betty Sunseri, Chris Weber, and Kathy Murphy are the ones to grab. The next board meeting for NSIA is on September 28th at 4:30pm at Fawnskin Realty.

BTW: Honorary Mayor Candidates were announced…they are Diana L. Guerrero (yours truly), Wayne Parker, and Gene Cyr. All candidates are distinguished members of Moose Lodge 2085.

For the record, you need to buy your politicians. If you would like to own one…throw your quarters in the can. You can also send in donations directly to the NSIA with the candidates name on your check. I’ll post the box number later with other news I am waiting on.

Sandy from our local Habitat for Humanity spoke. I didn’t know much about the group but it is exciting to hear about the local efforts and how it works. I’ll post more on this when Lori sends me the email full of addresses and details!

I mentioned the Moose Lodge was working on the Don Conroy Memorial Park. They planted five trees last week and the picnic tables will be in place shortly. Next season they have plants for flowers and related efforts and invite the community to drop by to enjoy the horseshoe pits and to partake in the social scene.

Speaking of gardening…did I forget to mention the Post Office sign for the garden? Check it out next time you are down there.

Although I tried to have the peach pie ready for the potluck, no such luck. Thanks to the Moose Lodge member who brought them up to share. Postmaster Cynthia instructed me to deliver a piece for inspection tomorrow.

My pear tree is loaded and I am looking forward to the crop in the next month or so. If you have any recipes to share, feel free to post them.

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One Response to “NSIA Potluck & More

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    September 13th, 2006 22:18

    So lady, if you are running for mayor, how will you change things here in Fawnskin if you are elected? I have a lot of quarters I got from a few vending machines I found at the Village. Tell me and others how you’ll make this the side of the lake to be living on?