Sad but True…

My neighbor asked me about one of our more colorful locals. The bleached blonde (former red head…and who knows the true color…) has not been seen around town in some time and he is not the first to ask.

Unfortunately, she was involved in a traffic collision that had other complicating factors. One of the locals told me he ran into her at the courthouse and that she looked great. She is serving time and will probably emerge again sometime next year.

I don’t know her full story but one of the last times I saw her broke my heart. She and I were gathered with others out in front of the Moose Lodge. She shared that there were only a few people who bothered to say hello and chat with her. Many others seemed cold or ignored her. Her history of behavior and substance use certainly contributes to the issue, but it struck me as very sad that she felt so ostracized.

I believe humans often forget how their behavior affects others. We get so involved in our own “stuff” that we forget to be compassionate or at least view others through another window. We all have our opinions and bad days but I wanted to mention the person and what she shared.

Other Side of the Story?
As usual, the Fawn Park issue remains a hot topic around town. Yesterday someone shared that the park owner was upset over some of the vandalism at the park. I believe they are referring to the permanent marker notes made by some kids on the workout stations.

Public areas (like our triangle toilets) are often the targets of bad behavior. I know some of the young delinquents are currently providing community service as part of the terms of probation and as consequence of their poor choices. They keep getting popped because the local community always knows what they are up to. Imagine the down-the-hill problems since nobody really knows the delinquents…

For the person who asked about the toilet maintenance crew…the guys at the fire station said to call down to the 5th Street office to find out who was awarded the clean up contract.

Friends of Fawnskin
It was great to see everyone yesterday at the massive Friends of Fawnskin yard sale. The group raised a bunch of money and even received a $2500 donation from a new neighbor who wanted to support their work.

In between attending having coffee with the boys, a neighborhood brunch, and the Moose BBQ, I popped into the sale a few times. Sandy says to let the person who left the comment about the Friends of Fawnskin website know that they have arranged to have it updated on a regular basis. Good going!

Moose BBQ
Wow, was the BBQ great! They usually start the spit in the early morning hours and slow cook beef and pork all day. My neighbor Jerry, who just got back from two months in Alaska, was there celebrating his birthday with twin brother Tom. HB2U!

Down N Out Burgers
I had heard some scuttlebutt about it but just so everyone knows, Sarge from CATS owns the property location where Down N Out burger is located. Erik is donating a portion of the proceeds from the business to support the local theater arts group. The place is located in Big Bear City but many of our Fawnskin residents are active with the group and so we have to mention it here!

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