The Girl is Back in Town

GG is back in town. Can’t say that I am very energetic but I am back. I was in Las Vegas for the SuperZoo trade show. SuperZoo is a preview of new pet industry products. We had a great but exhausting time. Lots of products, visiting, and catching up.

We managed to find the time party at the top of Mandalay Bay at an exclusive event held by one of the vendors. Way back when, I knew the owners of the company. Anyway, I met some interesting people.

The House of Blues Foundation room (where the party was held) served some fabulous food. To get in you have to be invited and get past the guards. Upstairs the security team circulates throughout the perimeter of the affair. The technology in the casinos is pretty amazing and the amount of money being lost or won can be equally mind-boggling.

It was nice to be in the warmth of the desert and to have a nice selection of food and entertainment. The favorite food had to be the crepes in Paris and my favorite short jaunt was through Shark Reef.

Paris brought back memories of my living in the real city in France and sparked banter about differences throughout the world while Shark Reef brought up some stories from early in my career at Marineland in Palos Verdes…

I’ll be out and about tomorrow. So, I’ll catch up with you then and get you what scuttlebutt I can.

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One Response to “The Girl is Back in Town

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    October 27th, 2006 18:19

    What exactly happened at Miller Park? I thought that the big rock was supposed to stay in the parking lot. Who decided that it had to go?