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Wouldn’t you know, I got an earful in town this am. Mostly the aired concerns relate to the Fawnskin Market, commerce in general, and the mayor’s race.

One of the ideas aired was that the community should sent individual letters to the county complaining about the delay in the reopening of the Fawnskin Market. Apparently a diplomatic letter was sent recently by one of the community organizations stressing the need for this establishment to be operating and serving Fawnskin. Since it is an election year it might be a good time to voice your concerns as voters.

Artisan Weekends
Other artists have bent my ear regarding the need to create a draw into the community and last year I brought up ideas for artisan weekends. Most of the merchants are amiable to creating a draw. Music and art would be a great addition. I personally am not aware of what permitting and other considerations that have to be put in place but the Don Conroy Park and Captain John’s have been very supportive for other events so far.

If you’d like to be involved in working on such a project please comment below. The Fawnskin Chamber, North Shore Improvement Association, and the Moose Lodge are good sources for support and insight. Maybe a group of interested people can kick this around and put together suggestions and then take the next step of presenting ideas for the town groups to consider and give direction to so they can launch next spring.

GG’s Campaign
Being out of town has not done anything to help with my run for mayor of Fawnskin. A couple of people have said they would assist but I have not found the time to even hoodwink them! I’ve been so buried with work that I only have a glimmer of an idea that still needs to be fleshed out.

First, my platform is to make Fawnskin Temporary Resident Visas available to the poor folks who don’t live in our little township. Open those borders!

I’d recommend having the cards double as Passports to Fawnskin to drive business into the downtown area as the main target would be non-residents. A complete set of initials (hmm, we are kind of sparse on business) from each business visited will be entered into some sort of drawing…maybe dinner with the Fawnskin Mayor at the off limits Moose Lodge! Finally, perhaps these small cards will have the perk of allowing back gate access to the Fawn Park…For those of you reading from out of the area. My Fawnskin Mayor photo was taken in the Fawn Park with one of the Fawnskin Five (movie prop figures)–a fireman.

Fire Station 49
Which leads me to a more serious concern, Fire Station 49. I’ve brought this up before and have another individual passionate about fire protection who may jump on the bandwagon with me. He has a bit more clout than I do. Anyway, the station is antiquated and needs to be redone. We also need new equipment desperately. This issue does not only affect Fawnskin residents, it affects a good part of the valley that is under their jurisdiction.

If you have any looney ideas to help with this campaign, please comment below.

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